„Pferde Verstehen“ means to build a friendship. It stands for the desire to really percieve your horse at eye level. To get to know your horse in all its facets. To recognize that it’s more than an underling.

„Pferde Verstehen“ also means to let it be a horse, without fearing it. To take care of your horse, to respect its wishes and needs. It means to take care of yourself and your horse equally, so that you can connect on the same level.

So that you experience the most beautiful time and have fun. So that you let yourself be carried by this proud animal that takes you anywhere. „Pferde Verstehen“ means to let boundaries between you and your horse disappear to form a unit.

It means to see again, to listen, to feel. To open yourself up towards the horse and to build a genuine partnership, based on love.


Since 2009, Catherin Seib, with her company “Tierisch Verstehen“, has been a renowned professional animal communicator, widely known through the media. With “Pferde Verstehen”, she is realizing the evolution of that work: She dedicates herself to her greatest passion, the human-horse relationship. Catherin Seib is also a qualified zoo animal keeper, certifed Tellington Horse Practitioner and Reiki master. She worked as a horse groom and TV animal trainer before she began working self-employed speaking to animals. Until today she has helpt thousands of animals and humans to understand each other and educated people to do the same. Both her horses Milan and Mouna have been teaching her for years what she is now realizing with „Pferde Verstehen“.