Equivolution – the revolution of horsekeeping


Architecture: Sona Kazemi. Visualisation: bloomimages

Wild horse herds live in a family network of mostly about 12 horses. They move across country and spend most of their time with slow movement and feeding on rough fiber. The individuals have different tasks for the community. There are guardians, there are food seekers, there are those in charge of coherence, then there are teachers and so on. Their deep sleep is only about 3 hours a day, whilst some keep watch and some sleep. In case of danger they all flee as a union. Their daily routine changes between moving, eating and resting.

800px_backgroundSo the horses‘ body is optimized in relation to digestion, movement and security. The hooves and legs are best supplied with blood and stay fit if they can move during the mayority of daytime. Digestion works best and least illness-affected if the horse can continuely absorb rough fiber food. A horse feels best and stays healthiest when it experiences security inside its herd.

This means, that for horses needs, there must be certain basic requirements in horsekeeping in order to be able to keep the horses healthy. In addition, there must be individual freedom of choice for the different horse types. After years of experience as a horsewhisperer communicating with horses and humans, I learnt that today’s horsekeeping has too many deficits. Many people don’t feel comfortable with traditional horsekeeping either. In short, there are two options: 1. Keeping a horse in isolation with much too little room and time to run around and without the ability to keep social contacts or 2. to keep it in mostly too small, muddy, free areas with bad conditions, missing retreats, left to itself in forced, unhappy herds. Both leads to unmotivated, unhealthy and sad horses. Individual needs are hard or not to be fulfilled at all.

Until today I haven’t found high-quality horsekeeping which fulfills equally horses and humans needs. I often see through the horses‘ eye, have talked to many horses and over the years of experience I have now developed a new stable system which fulfills the basic needs and the individual needs of horse and human towards a stable. I have created a stable especially designed by the horses itself through listening to their needs. It has its particular attention on the horses‘ individual freedom of choice. Its function is based on a special architectural realisation and on microchip technology.

An architectural design (Copyright Sona Kazemi, architect) and photografic visualisations (bloomimages GmbH) of the idea already exist. At the moment I am looking for co-investors of this project. I am planning on building a prototype of this stable, to accompany and optimize the system over a year. During this time period, I communicate with horses and humans in order to find out what needs to be improved. After that, there will be a final stable system set up which will then be distributed wordwide.

I am happy to get in touch with people who are interested in taking part in the realisation of a prototype.