The work of Pferde Verstehen is a holistic approach towards a happy friendship between horse and human. I work with telepathy to connect with horses, this work is globally known as „animal communication“.  It works over any given distance equally well.

That means I actually hold a conversation with a horse in my mind. It answers me by showing me images, movies, by sending emotions or impressions from its body, by smell or taste transfer and also by sending me complex thoughts in forms of actual sentences. Eventhough a horse doesn’t speak a human language, its‘ message arrives in spoken words in my mind as my brain is used to form sentences when I have a complex thought. I am trained to think in a language. So when a horse sends me a thought, it sometimes is as if it really says something to me. And it does.

Animal communicator Catherin SeibThe idea is to find a walkable path for both horse an human in a reasonable, harmonic and pleasant way. A connection is being build by actually asking the horse via telepathical animal communication. Its ideas, wishes, personality and fears are being heard.

The horse is seen a friend, no longer as an opponent or as sports gear. We will let the horse be a horse, we will let the human show himself and be aware of his horse in a brand new way. A new basis of trust will be built together. A better and more fulfilling togetherness will grow from this. There will be no pressure, horse and human may show how far the want to go. The result is a cheerful and loving relationship with an intensity and lust for life that will no longer be comparable to the conventional idea of simply riding a horse.

horse whisperer animal communicatorJust as humans love riding, horses love being ridden, if they feel understood and heard in their fears and needs. A horse carries its human with pride if it agreed to do so. The quality of such a connection is what we always dreamed of. It is priceless to have your horse happily calling out for you because it is happy to see you and looking forward to your time together.

Pferde Verstehen’s philosophy is neither training, nor horsemanship or a tool to make your horse function well. Rather, it is a connecting bond between horse and human for a loving relationship.

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