Horse Whisperer Basic Clinic

Learn to speak with horses. In this clinic, telepathical horse communication will be taught from scratch.

This class is all about telepathy: animal communication specifically for horses. It is the foundation of training towards becoming a Horse Whisperer.

How does a horse feel? Does it enjoy being ridden? If yes, how? Does it have pain? Is it happy where it lives? Many horse owners are keen to ask these and more questions. For most people, cats and dogs are easier to understand because we live together and we have closer contact. Percieving a horse is more difficult. They are being ridden, they are sports equipment, they have a bigger use than a horse or a cat. They have to function in order not to be called dangerous.

horse communication telepathyHow does this go hand in hand – respect your horse, listen to it, acknowledge it’s needs and still enjoy the time together? Many people ask this question. This clinic has answers -directly from the horses.

The horses‘ answers are surprisingly varied. They have personalities, needs and character traits just as we do. Most of those are closer to ours than we think. Horses also long for friendships with us. They know more than we suspect and they do have an opinion which goes much further than just about food. Be there and find out what your horse needs and how it sees you. Finally start being what you always dreamt of – a Horse Whisperer.

This is what you can expect from a Horsewhisperer Basic Clinic:

  • professional leading through years of experience
  • 2 full days of practical, down to earth lessons
  • at least 6 Horse Talks with unknown horses, detailed feedbacks
  • 1 Horse Talk with your own horse (no own horse necessary for participation)
  • answers to all questions, hints for handling horses
  • calming meditations for smooth Horse Talks
  • small group (max. 6 participants) with individual support
  • being a guest in a horse’s body
  • friendly, warm atmosphere in a quiet classroom
  • snacks and beverages
  • 1 little present to take the clinic’s energy home
  • access to Pferde Verstehen Facebook group for exchange and practice
  • certificate of participation

Horse Whisperer Basic Clinic procedure:

We practice telepathical exchange with our horses with the help of a photo. Each participant will talk to every other participants‘ horse, so in the end you will have experienced many Horse Talks and you will have a feedback on your own horse by everyone who was there. There will be calming meditations for you to connect easily and also lessons to see and feel through a horses‘ eyes. With Catherin’s support, you will go through your very first successful experiences in speaking with horses over any given distance.

After this clinic you won’t be left alone. You can become a member of the Pferde Verstehen Facebook Group where you can practice on other people’s horses or show photos of your own horse to practice on.

Please contact us if you wish to help to organize a clinic near you.