Horse Talks

Horse Talks are sessions between horse and owner, done by telepathical connection of me as a horse whisperer. Animal communication sessions for horseowners are momentarily only offered to people interested in my trainings for animal communications for horses.

  • For humans and horses worldwide there are horse talks over the phone or via email. Animal communication is telepathy and works over any given distance. A horse talk takes up to an hour by phone. By email up to 10 questions can be asked. It is a direct exchange between horse and human. A picture of your horse is needed, only the face needs to be visible. Catherin Seib will ask your horse any desired questions and will mediate between the two of you.

The aim of Pferde Verstehen’s work is to bring horse and human closer together and closer to themselves. To build a handling which is comfortable and positive for both of you. On the way there intuition, trust, love and self-worth may grow on both sides.

Foundation for all of this is the desire of all parties to form a friendship between human and horse. The work takes place equally on the horse and also on the human. Both have to move, inside and outside, in order to come closer to the desired state.


USD 400,- for a horse talk up to one hour over phone or up to 10 questions by email.

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